About Eddie Bayne

Eddie was born and brought up in the east End of Glasgow and thoughout his childhood was largely confined to the infamous tenement buildings and to the hard, grimy realities of a poor working-class area. People were desperately poor, but they looked after each other, and this instilled a love for my fellow Scots and where I  find a wonderful sense of communion, joy, and solace photographing my native Scotland.

As an escape from this grey world,  I discovered and reviled in the magical realm of photography. photographs, or ‘pictures’, or ‘foties’, as they were called in Glasgow, became a form of communication I grew to treasure.

I was fortunate to evade a dead end future, when, at the age of 18 I secured a position with a photography studio. I still look back fondly on the rich variety of specialist advertising work we produced in a world of fashion shoots, glamorous locations (some less so!)

My love of photography along with my love for the wild untamed Scottish landscapes come together when I click the shutter and capture that special moment I want to share with others. I try to take shots that will please other people, and the sense of empowerment and pleasure it gives me when other people say how much they love my photographs is the best feeling in the world for me.

I hope that you will enjoy looking at my photographs, and I hope that you will share my love for photography and for Scotland.

Scotland has some of the last true wilderness areas left in Europe. She is a”gem of purest ray serene”.

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